Ask Dr. Carter

Why didn’t Dr. Carter attend the National Alumni Association meeting on May 18, 2013?

I was not invited to attend the National Alumni Association meeting on May 18. I received an email from Trustee Grover Smith, NAA president, on May 10 with questions that he wanted me to answer, so he could report the answers back to alumni during the May 18 meeting. I responded to him on May 13 with answers to his questions. I gave answers to questions ranging from the financial health of the University to changes in the leadership of our Board of Trustees to results of our survey about campus food service. In addition to the information I provided Trustee Smith to report as he requested, I also provided a copy of a report on the University’s accomplishments and challenges during the 2012-2013 academic year for each member who attended the May 18 meeting. You may read that report here

Please know that I value our alumni and desire to have open communication with you, which is why I started this feature to allow you to ask your questions directly. I will continue to work with the Alumni Affairs office and the University Communications and Marketing office to facilitate two-way communication between alumni and myself. I want to answer your questions, and I am interested in your feedback. JCSU is strengthened by your commitment, dedication and involvement as we work together to advance the University.

This answer was posted on: 6/11/2013 9:06 pm