Ask Dr. Carter

What is the 20-year trend on faculty with doctorate degrees?

The chart below provides an illustration of the percentage of full-time instructional faculty with doctoral degrees.  This information is based on 11 years of available data.  Across this time period, the average percentage of doctorates only is 72 percent.  For standard state and federal reports, the institution provides the percentage of full-time faculty with doctorate or terminal degrees.  Doctorates include such degrees as Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Juridical Science, Doctor of Public Health as well as first professional degrees such as medicine (MD).  Terminal degrees are considered the highest degree in a field such as master in fine arts (MFA).  For Fall 2012, the percentage of full-time faculty with doctorates or terminal degrees is 79 percent. 

As it relates to regional accreditation, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) requires the institution to have at least 25 percent of the course hours in each major at the baccalaureate level to be taught by faculty members holding an appropriate terminal degree, usually the earned doctorate (SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation, 2011).  To ensure that the University remains in compliance on this standard, the Council of Deans will continue to monitor the credentials of its faculty as well as the percentage of course/course hours taught by faculty holding terminal degrees.

This answer was posted on: 6/14/2013 10:26 pm