Ask Dr. Carter

What are the positives of engaging in a partnership with the Kennedy Charter Chool and where will the students be housed. What guarantees and/or access will Kennedy Charter School have to University facilities?

JCSU is exploring ways the University can increase its market share of college students. As a result, we are taking five broad-based steps that will not only help to increase enrollment but  also help us fulfill our mission as an urban university to reach out to others in our community. 

One of these steps involves a  key partnership with Elon Homes and its Kennedy Charter School.  This partnership, in conjunction with our own Foster Village Network Center, will help us improve these students’ chances of attending college. I am pleased that we have already recruited two of Kennedy Charter School’s top students into our 2013 entering class of freshmen.

The school began the first phase of its move into the Facilities Building on our campus on September 1. Elon Homes is funding the entire relocation, not JCSU. Elon Homes and Schools for Children will call our campus home, but they will remain completely separate and autonomous, operating and funding their own activities.

In addition to serving its own students, the school will provide unique learning, internship, and employment opportunities for our students. 

This answer was posted on: 9/19/2013 7:44 am