Ask Dr. Carter

What are the internship and career options that come from majoring in programs within the Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts department?

The Department of Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts works with the local arts community and media outlets to help ensure that our curriculum in relevant as well as to create internship and employment opportunities for our students. Several students have come out of the internship courses in communication arts and received internships at WTVI, a PBS affiliate in Charlotte, WBAV radio station, WSOC and WBTV television stations.  Students have worked in communications and marketing internships with Five-Hour Energy, the Charlotte Bobcats and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg public library system. During the Democratic National Convention in 2012, ABC network news contacted us about interns and several students received internships during the convention, including working with anchor Diane Sawyer. In addition, JCSU student Maya Perry is interning for 102 JAMZ, a hip-hop radio station in Greensboro, N.C., Asiah Blount is serving as a public relations intern with WEALTH, a start-up clothing line, and one of our students has an internship with Opera Carolina

Students in our theatre program have internship opportunities with On Q Performing Arts, Inc., a local theatre production company presenting works reflecting the Black experience. On Q partners with the University to hold its season performances in the black box theatre at the JCSU Arts Factory. Students also benefit from the theatre program’s partnership with Penumbra Theatre in St. Paul, Minn., which is one of the nation’s premier African American professional theatre companies. Several students have summer internships at Penumbra Theatre’s summer institute.

Some of the career options in visual, performing, and communication arts include: professional dancer, graphic arts, animation, programming, gaming, advertising, marketing, printing, film, photography, theater and studio art. All of these areas could also apply to administrative capacities regarding museums, art centers, arts and science councils or educational areas of the arts.

This answer was posted on: 7/11/2013 9:54 am