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The business and accounting programs no longer have national or regional accreditation, and the banking program has all but disappeared. Why is the University in the process of shuttering and/or scaling back support for once marquee concentrations and maj

We have reviewed carefully the best practices at high performing institutions regarding their departments of business. We have also conducted a comprehensive review of our academic programs and noted specifically the recommendations regarding our Department of Business Administration and Economics; and we have listened as our corporate partners have outlined the emerging market-driven trends in business. As a result, we have determined that a comprehensive re-imagination of the department, which has been without a permanent department chair for the last academic year, is warranted and would be best accomplished once a permanent department chair has been recruited and appointed. The entire faculty, lead by the newly appointed chair, would develop a strategic plan for the Department of Business Administration and Economics which would include seeking appropriate discipline accreditation. To that end, in each concentration, we must have at least two faculty members credentialed to teach the specific concentration and/or major. The University is fully committed to a vibrant and rigorous program in business administration and economics based on an analysis of existing and competing programs at area universities, faculty strength, student interest and marketability. Some of this work has already begun with our developing focus on entrepreneurial studies and the establishment of the Innovo Laboratory as well as the retail management program.


This answer was posted on: 7/3/2013 2:15 pm