Ask Dr. Carter

Many wealthy individuals and businesses made major gifts last year to various colleges and institutions to take advantage of tax loopholes that were set to expire. What was JCSU’s major gifts focus during that time?

Our gift focus had been on securing lead gifts during this silent phase of our campaign. Members of our Board of Trustees, Board of Visitors, and staff have been instrumental in building relationships with JCSU alumni, friends and organizations in the community. When we identify potential partners for the “Tomorrow Is What WE Make It” campaign, we invite these individuals and organizations to the University and extend opportunities to become heavily immersed in our campus and transformational vision.

Major and lead gifts reflect significant contributions (generally $25,000 or more, which may be paid over a multi-year pledge) that create permanent support funds for the University. Major gifts create long-term financial stability for the University and provide opportunities to merge donors’ interests with the University’s needs and objectives. 

A key campaign initiative where staff and campaign leadership have sought major gifts support is the new Science Center.  This Science Center is a concrete reflection of JCSU’s commitment to preparing students for market-driven STEM-related fields. JCSU has already earned national recognition by Diverse Issues in Higher Education magazine, which ranked the STEM College 18th in the nation in graduating African Americans in the field of computer and information sciences and 21st in mathematics and statistics. In pursuit of our growing edge, the University is expanding the entire STEM College program and modernizing campus facilities. The new Science Center, a 62,000-sq.ft. facility, will enable the STEM College to increase enrollment from 300 to 450 students by 2016.

This answer was posted on: 7/3/2013 2:06 pm