Ask Dr. Carter

Is the Board of Trustees changing the name of the University?

I see that urban legends are kept alive and well by the rampant rumor mill.  This one ranks right up there with the rumor that R&B singer Fantasia Barrino would be the speaker for our Commencement Exercises. I assure you that this latest urban legend is not true. The Board of Trustees has not had any discussions about changing the name of the University. The board is engaged in ongoing discussions about our strategic plan for the transformation of the University. However, those discussions are held in the context of evolving, surviving and thriving in the changing higher education landscape as Johnson C. Smith University

What may be contributing to the life of this urban legend are the various slogans that you read and hear in collateral material and speeches about the University. Examples are: “Charlotte’s Premier Independent Urban University;” “JCSU+You,” “The Smith Way,” “New Urban University at the Growing Edge,” and “Tomorrow is What WE Make It.” You will continue to hear these slogans and a new tagline in the future as we strengthen our image, build our reputation and secure our brand position to compete based on the contemporary realities facing higher education institutions in today’s marketplace. Keep in mind that these slogans are concepts that we use to help convey our brand promise and solidify our brand message. We are Johnson C. Smith University, and that will not change.

I hope my answer puts this urban legend to rest.

This answer was posted on: 6/11/2013 9:07 pm