Ask Dr. Carter

After speaking with several alumnus, a familiar topic was brought up regarding Johnson C Smith University State License plate. So I took upon myself to research the requirements by contacting the NC Department of Transportation.

Based on my findings, this should be a pretty simple process. 1. Developing a template for our suggested license tag. 2. Gaining sponsorship through a NC state representative (General Assembly), and 3. 300 or 500 applications based on a Logo Only or Full background. Please let me know if process has already started or if you need someone to quarterback this effort.


Thank you for your interest in obtaining a Johnson C. Smith University official license plate through the North Carolina Department of Transportation personalized license plate program. University staff has pursued such a campaign in the past, but did not secure the minimum requirement of paid applications per the NC DOT license plate policy. We will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the University in 2017, and we hope to engage in pursuit of a JCSU license plate to commemorate this monumental anniversary.  With the enthusiastic support of alumni like you, we are encouraged that we will secure the required number of applications.  More information will presented in the coming year. 

This answer was posted on: 1/27/2016 9:43 am