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After speaking with several alumnus, a familiar topic was brought up regarding Johnson C Smith University State License plate. So I took upon myself to research the requirements by contacting the NC Department of Transportation.

Based on my findings, this should be a pretty simple process. 1. Developing a template for our suggested license tag. 2. Gaining sponsorship through a NC state representative (General Assembly), and 3. 300 or 500 applications based on a Logo Only or Full background. Please let me know if process has already started or if you need someone to quarterback this effort.


Thank you for your interest in obtaining a Johnson C. Smith University official license plate through the North Carolina Department of Transportation personalized license plate program. University staff has pursued such a campaign in the past, but did not secure the minimum requirement of paid applications per the NC DOT license plate policy. We will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the University in 2017, and we hope to engage in pursuit of a JCSU license plate to commemorate this monumental anniversary.  With the enthusiastic support of alumni like you, we are encouraged th...

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After speaking with several alumnus, a familiar topic was brought up regarding Johnson C Smith University State License plate. So I took upon myself to research the requirements by contacting the NC Department of Transportation. 1/27/2016
There has been some discussion from several Alums about the university changing its brand. 5/28/2015
Why doesn't the administration pay any attention to programs at JCSU like the football team, the band, the track team? The football team is an embarrassment to the University. 12/12/2014
The athletic department at JCSU is in disarray. Yet, the JCSU administration, starting with you, choose to ignore this reality. Most of the problem rests with the fact that the Athletics Director (AD), Mr. Joyner, is not a qualified Athletics Director. 12/12/2014
With all of the fascinating, innovative and cutting edge additions, upgrades, interventions and initiatives you and your staff have achieved during your tenure... 11/21/2013
What effect will the recently announced layoffs have on instruction and student services? 11/21/2013
While on campus, I had to travel up the path from the Humanities Building to Biddle Hall. It would be safer to have lighting at the stairs right at the Student Union. It is dark and could cause injury if someone missed a step. 11/20/2013
What is the amount of restricted funds and unrestricted funds raised during the 2012-13 fiscal year? 11/6/2013
Why don’t we sing the Loyalty Song during the Homecoming game at halftime or after the game? 9/24/2013
When will construction of the new Science Center be completed? What will the building be named? 9/19/2013
What are the positives of engaging in a partnership with the Kennedy Charter Chool and where will the students be housed. What guarantees and/or access will Kennedy Charter School have to University facilities? 9/19/2013
A significant number of students were not able to return to school during the 2012-2013 year because of changes in financial aid on the federal level. What plans and/or steps are in place to ensure that student aid will not continue to be adversely affect 8/1/2013
How do social responsibility and community involvement initiatives add to the students’ educational experience, contribute to their ability to find gainful employment, and ultimately add to the University’s bottom line? 7/25/2013
Mosaic Village is a wonderful facility with state-of-the-art student apartments and retail space, but I was led to believe that it was about 60 percent full in the spring 2013 semester and most of the business/retail space is underutilized. 7/25/2013
What are the internship and career options that come from majoring in programs within the Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts department? 7/11/2013
Are there plans for theater camps, related workshops and summer programs to engage the community? 7/11/2013
What outreach programs are in the works at the Arts Factory to connect its programs to the community? 7/11/2013
The business and accounting programs no longer have national or regional accreditation, and the banking program has all but disappeared. Why is the University in the process of shuttering and/or scaling back support for once marquee concentrations and maj 7/3/2013
Many wealthy individuals and businesses made major gifts last year to various colleges and institutions to take advantage of tax loopholes that were set to expire. What was JCSU’s major gifts focus during that time? 7/3/2013
What is the progress of the University’s $150,000,000 comprehensive campaign? 7/3/2013
When will construction begin on the renovation of the George E. Davis House? 6/14/2013
What is the 20-year trend on faculty with doctorate degrees? 6/14/2013
What is the University’s value proposition that an alumnus can use to convince a high school student and his/her parents that JCSU is a good choice for the student’s undergraduate education? 6/14/2013
What is the expected enrollment of new students and expected total enrollment for Fall 2013? 6/14/2013
Why did the U.S. Department of Education make a visit to campus this past May? 6/14/2013
Why are we closing the Department of Education? 6/11/2013
Is the Board of Trustees changing the name of the University? 6/11/2013
Why didn’t Dr. Carter attend the National Alumni Association meeting on May 18, 2013? 6/11/2013
How far has the University come with the global education initiative? 6/10/2013
Does the University plan to offer degrees online? 6/10/2013