Ask Dr. Carter

How far has the University come with the global education initiative?

First, we should establish a shared understanding of global education and its meaning at JCSU as the term has several meanings throughout contemporary higher education. At JCSU, we have been very intentional in expressing our desire to provide our students with a global perspective, most notably, through travel abroad programs and curriculum development. To that end, we provide a passport to every JCSU student and have, over the last five years, provided summer travel abroad opportunities. Since 2009, we have sponsored summer travel abroad programs to Italy, Israel, Egypt, Senegal, Puerto Rico, Spain and most recently Russia. The University recently collaborated with Queens University and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and was awarded a Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad: An Advanced and Intensive Training Program in Modern Chinese Language and Culture. The purpose of the project is to build Chinese language capacity in the Charlotte region by providing students an opportunity to take Chinese language skills during six weeks in China. Four JCSU students will join their counterparts from Queens and UNCC and travel to China on June 28. Next year, we expect 10 JCSU students to participate. 

Regarding curriculum development, both the departments of Spanish and French have begun to craft proposals to develop academic programs with a Diasporic focus to expose students to Afro-Hispanic and Afro-Francophone intellectual, artistic and cultural traditions of the Caribbean, South America and West Africa.

This answer was posted on: 6/10/2013 10:15 pm