FY2014 Alumni Giving

Institutional Advancement salutes “EARLY BULLS” Campaign Donors

Thank you to the alumni donors listed below for participating in the EARLY BULLS Campaign. The EARLY BULLS campaign reflects alumni giving made July 1, 2013 – October 26, 2013.  Your gift early in the current Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014) empowers JCSU to:

  • Be better positioned to achieve the FY 2014 goals of 20% for alumni participation and $650,000 for alumni giving.  
  • Plan more strategically for utilizing private dollars for emerging campus initiatives and the next academic year of 2014-15;
  • Initiate more meaningful dialogues with potential foundation and corporate partners.

EARLY BULLS Donor Listing

Mrs. Darwin McBeth Walton ‘45
Senior Bishop John Hurst Adams ‘47
Ms. Mary B. Chasten ‘48
Mrs. Magnolia M. Pickens ‘48
Ms. Ruth P. Bowers ‘50
Dr. Bettye Shropshire Irwin ‘50
Mrs. Leora Ernestine Broady ‘51
Dr. Maggie Lynch Mallory ’51 
Mr. Melton Ellerby ‘52
Ms. Leatrice R. Pearson ‘52
Mrs. Lotess Priestley Cright ‘53
Mr. Cecil L.  Adderley, Jr. ‘55
Mr. Alston Bellamy ‘55
Dr. Charles Lorenza Curry ‘55
Dr. David L. Hunter ‘55
Mr. Rudolph C. Worsley ‘55
Mrs. Muriel D. Wiggins ’56 
Ms. Lyda Helena Sammons-Slade ‘57
Mr. Arthur F. Slade, Sr. 57
Mrs. Ilda J. Green ‘58
Mr. William Hunter Harris ‘58
Mr. Ira Thompson, IV ‘58
Mrs. Eleanor J. Moore Boyd ’59 
Mrs. Geraldine Helton Clyburn ‘59
Mr. James Edwards ‘59
Reverend Lloyd B. Morris ’59 
Mrs. Neutrice C. Quick Towens ‘59
Reverend George Murray Wilson ‘59
Mrs. Bernice Corbett-Smith ’60 
Ms. Edith Strickland DeLaine ‘60
Ms. Elberta D. Gordon ‘60
Mr. Donald L. McIntosh ‘60
Mr. Otto N. Moore, Sr. ‘60
Ms. Loretta Crowder Stanley ’60 
Mr. Talmadge W. Fair ’61 
Ms. Nancy Patricia Smith ‘61
Mrs. Virginia Ann Graves ‘62
Mrs. Eva B. Irby ‘62
Mrs. Gretel Thomas James ‘62
Mrs. Gladys A. Massey ‘62
Mr. James Walker ’62 
Mr. William A. Dabney ‘63
Mr. Cornelious W. Williams, Sr. ‘63
Dr. Shirley Wilson Logan ‘64
Dr. June M. Smith ‘64
Mrs. Bertha B. Woods ‘64
Reverend Franklin D. Colclough ’65 
Miss Frances Clayton Gray ‘65
Mrs. Ossie H. Martin ‘65
Mr. Herman Carl Bagley ‘66
Mr. Johnny R. Bowen ‘66
Mr. James W. Brandon ‘66
Mr. James Dyson, Sr. ‘66
Ms. Mary L. Lesesne ’66 
Ms. Ida B. Reid ‘66
Mr. Samuel H. Reid ‘66
Mrs. Brenda E. Twiggs ‘66
Mrs. Jeannie Frasier Bryant ‘67
Mrs. Gayle B. Crawford ‘67
Dr. Samuel L. Cunningham ‘67
Mr. Curtis O. Peters ‘67
Mr. Aaron L. Reynolds ‘67
Ms. Vivian Reed Terry ‘67
Ms. S. Marie Williams ‘67
Ms. Rebecca Dortch Brown ‘68
Mrs. Lorraine E. Manning ‘68
Ms. Gloria A. Pickett-McNeill ‘68
Mrs. Eula C. Richardson ‘68
Mr. Stephen J. Schley ‘68
Ms. Safiya E. Bandele ‘69
Mr. Calvin Banks ’69 
Mrs. Jacqueline P. Barnes ‘69
Mr. Noah William Barnes, Jr. ‘69
Miss Nevonia Dean ‘69
Mrs. Daphne Jones Graves-Smith ‘69
Mr. Vincent C. McBee ‘69
Mr. Otto Wingate, Jr. ‘69
Mr. Hubert I. Davis, Sr. ‘70
Mrs. Jacquelyn C. Hammond ‘70
Mrs. Juanita Reid Jordan ’70 
Mr. Delano R. Rackard ‘70
Ms. Gloria Jean Tiller ’70 
Mrs. Forestine D. Vaughn ‘70
Mr. Elijah Washington ’70 
Mr. Joseph L. Alston ‘71
Mr. Thomas E. Baldwin ’71 
Mrs. Emily Ann Chavis ‘71
Mrs. Veronica M. Isaac ‘71
Mrs. Emma Y. Martin-Goodman ‘71
Reverend James E. Simmons ’71 
Mrs. Phyllis P. Wade ‘71
Reverend Ralph Edward Williamson ‘71
Mrs. Gerald E. Hatcher ‘72
Mrs. Phyllis T. Hilliard ‘72
Mrs. Carlenia G. Ivory ‘72
Mrs. Francesina Regester Jackson ‘72
Mrs. Debora S. Blakney ‘73
Ms. Wanda B.Foy-Burroughs ’73 
Mrs. Joyce Gray ‘73
Mrs. Cassandra Reynolds Jordan ’73 
Mr. Stephen W. Joyner, Sr.  ‘73
Ms. Dorothy A Prioleau ’73 
Reverend Mark R. Royster, Sr. ‘73
Mrs. DeLois A. Washington ‘73
Ms. Faye Wright ‘73
Dr. Lucinda Bowen Blue ’74 
Mr. Kenny H. Faulkner ‘74
Ms. Debra Dry Frazier ‘74
Mr. James E. Howard, Jr.  ‘74
Mrs. Norris Moore Wilson ‘74
Mr. Tracey C. Barrett ‘76
Mr. Lawrence Graves 76
Ms. Shelia D. Harvey ’76  
Ms. Delores Timberlake ‘76
Mr. Anthony K. Tolbert ‘76
Mrs. Gail W. Tolbert ‘76
Ms. Deborah A. Wadsworth ‘76
Mrs. Mary Foxx Johnson ‘77
Mrs. Jacqueline C. Green ‘77
Mr. Johnny L. Headen ’77 
Mrs. Bernice Lewers Irby ‘77
Ms. Michelle Andrews ‘78
Mr. Marconi Buchanan ‘78
Mr. Duane L. Griffith ‘78
Mr. Ron L. Matthews ‘78
Mr. Michael A. McClinton ‘78
Mrs. Rita Wray Miller ‘78
Mrs. Sharon Thompson Moorer ‘78
Mr. Kevin Michael Paige, Sr. ‘78
Mr. Kimmie Patterson ‘78
Mrs. Shelia B. Petty ’78 
Mr. Dwight Pinson ‘78
Mr. Mickel L. Roseborough ‘78
Mr. Alvin B. Wideman ‘78
Mrs. Annette Graddick Wright ’78 † 
Mr. William J. Crutchfield ‘79
Mr. Dennis K. Branch ’81 
Mrs. Debra T. Givens ‘82
Mr. Perry E.  Solice, Jr. ‘82
Mr. Terry S. McPherson ‘83
Mrs. Charell M. Harper ‘83
Mrs. Valencia Jones High ‘83
Ms. Camilla Jones ‘83
Mrs. Anita McAfee Lee ‘83
Ms. Helen D. Lindsey ‘83
Mrs. Brenda L. McMurray ‘83
Mrs. Glennette B. McRae ‘83
Mr. Charles E. Merriweather ‘83
Mrs. Rosalyn Merriweather ‘83
Mr. Mark G. Packard ‘83
Mrs. Leanna M. Rogers ’83 
Mr. Timothy L. Alston, Jr. ‘84
Mr. Arthur L. Wilson ‘84
Mrs. Felicia C. Morgan ’85 
Mr. James Erwin Saunders, II  ‘86
Mr. Kenneth Griffin ‘88
Mrs. Demetrice Andrews Griffin ‘88
Ms. Marian Flowers ‘88
Lieutenant Colonel Morris L. Bodrick ‘89
Ms. Belinda Williams Carr ‘90
Ms. Iris Dawn Gaylord ‘90
Mr. John M. Norris ‘91
Ms. Patricia Wilson ’91 
Ms. Kathryn L. Goins ‘92
Reverend Adrian Harper ’92 
Mr. Benjamin C. Heatley ‘92
Dr. Pamela L. Taylor ‘93
Ms. Jennifer Robinson ‘94
Ms. Kiona DeWitt ‘96
Ms. Terricia Y. Gaines ‘96
Ms. Okeatta Brown ‘97
Ms. Tileshia B. Alford ‘98
Ms. Allyson L. Shropshire ‘98
Ms. Shantel Mitchell ‘99
Mr. Herman Brian Gloster ’00 
Mr. Omari Greene ‘01
Ms. Tennille T. Price ‘02
Ms. Toni V. Session ‘02
Mr. Viticus Sentino Thomas ‘04
Mr. Alexis Bibbs ’05 † 
Ms. Indya Davis ‘05
Mr. Ricky Elum ‘05
Mr. Tyrell Hughes ‘05
Ms. Nicole Owens ‘05
Ms. Michelle R. Sturdivant ‘05
Mrs. Rhonda Lynn Dorsey-Prude ‘06
Ms. Nisa Kibona ‘06
Ms. Judene Wright ‘06
Mrs. Quiesha S. Gibson ‘07
Ms. Dawnita M. Gilmore ‘07
Ms. Aisha Nicole Lide ’07 
Mr. Aljamon Davis Alexander ‘08
Ms. Shana Johnell Collins ‘08
Mr. Christopher Alexander Manning ‘08
Ms. Anika Therese Pimentel ‘08
Ms. Cheryl Howard Carrothers ‘09
Mr. Kelvin Carl Deadwyler, Jr. ‘09
Mrs. Erin Davis Sherman ‘09
Ms. Shante' Unique Brown ‘10
Mr. Justin Louis Burch ‘10
Mr. Dante' Ashif Drummer ‘10
Mr. Matthew Alexander Robertson ‘10
Mr. Rashad Jermaine Smith ‘10
Ms. Tyleia Rashad Wallace ‘10
Ms. Regina L Fields ‘11
Mr. Eric Glen Glenn, Sr. ‘11
Ms. Sheria Jenae Hatcher ‘11
Ms. Erica N. Hilton ‘11
Mr. Derek Jamell Jenkins ‘11
Ms. Sapphira Emmanuelle Martin ‘11
Ms. Marshae Shaneice Puryear ‘11
Ms. Vadale L. Hamilton ‘12
Ms. Saishea L. McNeill-Cook ‘12
Ms. Mecia Moore ‘12
Mr. Clement Ray Bowman, II ‘13
Ms. Alexa Brown ‘13
Ms. Kianna Culver ‘13
Ms. Jasmine McKoy ‘13
Ms. Lashaundra J Polk ‘13
Ms. Joi D Robins-Monroe ‘13
Ms. Faith Angeleik Shore ‘13
Mr. Frederick A.  Davis (No Class Year Available)
Mr. Andre A. Dingle (No Class Year Available)

† denotes Alumni Leaders (Class Agents, Chapter Presidents, and NAA Officers)

EARLY BULLS donors are being mailed a special JCSU memento in recognition of their early during Fiscal Year 2014. Again, thank you!

Homecoming 2013 at the President’s Big Hitters Tailgate Reception

JCSU extends a hearty thank you for all who participated in this year’s Big Hitter’s Tailgate Reception during Homecoming 2013 on Saturday, October 26.  This reception recognized donors who contributed $2,000 or more to the University during Fiscal Year 2013 (July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013).   We look forward to seeing alumni and friends at next year Big Hitters gathering!!

Less than 40 SCIENCE CENTER SEATS LEFT! Please Do Not Delay in Reserving Your Seat!

As construction of the new Science Center at JCSU continues, seats in its signature 250-seat auditorium are steadily moving.  Thirty-nine Science Center seats remain for naming.  Your gift of $500 will allow you to place a seat in your name or in honor of a loved one.  Seats are available on a first come, first serve basis.  For more information on securing your seat, please contact Sharon Harrington, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at 704.330.1437 or sharrington@jcsu.edu.   

Announcing the Loyalty Challenge Campaign – Calling on Alumni to Come Home

Distinguished alumni are joining together to secure 500 new alumni donors for JCSU. Each alumnus is representing a geographic region including Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, and Charlotte, NC. These three areas represent 42% of the JCSU reachable alumni base.  There is also an at-large national representative.  Together, these alumni challenge donors will match gifts of $25 from 500 new alumni.  

You are eligible to participate in the challenge campaign as a new alumni donor if you have never made a gift to JCSU or have not made a gift since Fiscal Year 2008 (July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008).  So please show your loyalty and support for the Gold and Blue today by making your “first” gift of $25 or more to JCSU at your earliest convenience. Our students need alumni financial support NOW more than ever before.      

Gifts may be made online at www.jcsu.edu/giving or send a check to:  JCSU, Institutional Advancement, 100 Beatties Ford Road, Charlotte, NC 28216.  You may also contact Mel Davis at 704.378.3577 to assist you in making a gift by phone.  All gifts are also recognized in your class’ total giving. 

More information about the Loyalty Challenge Campaign is coming soon!  Thank you in advance for your consideration.  Go Bulls!